A small BIO:
Born in Italy but citizen of the world, after having spent my childhood in Florence in that beautiful district 
of Rifredi, waiting to complete my studies in sculpture to unleash my gypsy nature, I felt the need to
this wide and weird planet called earth. Undoubtedly the most wise thing I did in my life was to move to 
London when I was 19, from where I started to travel moving through South Africa, Spain, USA  with a great 
spirit of joy and happiness, developing a great artistic sense and passion for images.
I now have a background of studies as fashion design (Polimoda, Florence), creative pattern-making (S.Martins,
 London) and fashion styling (FIT, New York)... All these experience make me affirm more and more what I have 
always thought: I believe fashion is fun, and I love having fun! After a few years abroad, I got back in town 
to focus on my passion: Fashion! Currently I'm based in milan and Florece.
I believe in myself, carpe diem, all goes around comes around and firmly convinced that smiles can 
change the world.
That’s all!